Type S Review – Can You Really Drive Safer With Type S?

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If you have ever been part of an auto accident, you know how stressful they can be. Dealing with insurance claims and potential litigation is not only time-consuming but potentially expensive. However, avoiding collisions is easier than ever with the Type S aftermarket backup sensor system.

Installing Type S is easy and it connects to the drivers mobile phone via Bluetooth. Obstacle sensing security has never been easier than with the Type S aftermarket parking sensor system.

What is Type S?

Type S is an aftermarket backup sensor system. There are many vehicles still on the road today that are not equipped with factory-standard backup sensors. With the constant increase in road traffic, backup sensors are essential to vehicle safety. Type S allows drivers to equip parking sensors, regardless of vehicle make and model.

How many times have you experienced or witnessed a collision that was easily preventable?

Type S was developed to maximize vehicle safety. With Type S, drivers will not have to worry as much about blind spots in parking lots. Type S provides aftermarket sensors so that drivers can quickly and easily identify any hazards that may lie within their path.

Ideal for Everyone

So who can benefit from the Type S system?

The answer is clear.

Everyone can benefit from the Type S parking sensor system!

Type S was developed with older model vehicles in mind. Many times, older model vehicles are not equipped with these safety-enhancing ultrasonic sensors. The benefits of increased driving security cannot be denied. In fact, some countries, such as India, are now requiring all new vehicles come equipped with parking sensors as standard from the factory.

According to the federal government's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), all new cars must include a backup camera by May 2018.

But what if the vehicle is more modern but lacks parking sensors?

Don't worry!

Type S can be easily retrofitted to the vehicle.

Type S: a Game Changer

Even if you have a vehicle that is not equipped with factory parking sensors, Type S is a perfect solution. It can easily be retrofitted to any model vehicle. Type S helps reduce the stress of driving by detecting obstacles that drivers may not be able to see. Whether it's an antique 1930's car or a space-age supercar, the Type S parking sensor system will function on all makes and models of vehicles.

The Type S attaches to a vehicle's existing license plate. It can be installed either on the front or back of a vehicle. Up to two sensors can be used at once. If you're interested in enhancing your parking safety even further, sensors can be installed on both the front and rear license plate areas. The Type S aftermarket parking sensor system does not use any wires and requires no drilling for installation. Drivers of all skill levels can simply install and enjoy the benefits of the Type S parking sensor system.

How does Type S work?

The Type S system can detect obstacles within a four-foot range. This gives the driver ample time to react to any possible safety hazards. Like most other parking sensors, it emits supersonic pulses that allow the Type S receiver to detect obstacles. It functions as a type of echolocation, similar to how marine mammals detect obstacles and prey in the water.

Type S is easily installed and only requires one initial charge. The Type S is equipped with a miniature solar cell that allows it to run independently and wire-free after installation. Type S also works to conserve its battery power. The sensor unit can detect when the vehicle has been stationary for more than 30 minutes. After the inactive time period elapses, the unit turns off to reduce energy usage. Once the vehicle moves again, the sensor will turn off sleep mode and return to full functionality.

The Type S parking sensor system also functions in all types of weather. The sensors are designed with durability in mind. They are waterproof and withstand temperatures as low as 14ºF and as high as 122ºF. Rain and snow will not interfere with your parking safety with the Type S. This is a large range that will permit most drivers to reap the benefits of the Type S aftermarket parking sensor system.

What Else?

One of the best features of the Type S parking sensor system is that it is autonomous. Even better, it requires absolutely no wiring. Drivers using Type S connect to the unit via cell phone. Simply download the app and connect to the unit (or units) via Bluetooth. For added convenience, the app is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. Type S does not require professional installation and even the most inexperienced techie will be able to quickly install the sensor.

Type S uses an advanced notification system to maximize driver response. Not only does Type S emit a series of beeps when an obstacle is detected, but it also provides a visual confirmation on screen. Drivers can visually see how close they are to obstacles with the green-yellow-red indication in the Type S application. When the obstacle is first detected, the app will emit a beeping noise and indicate that the driver is in the green zone. As the driver nears the obstacle and comes closer to a collision, the sensor range will transition to yellow and then finally to red when a collision is imminent.

What is included in the Type S package?

When you purchase a Type S package, you will receive a complete kit to enhance driving safety. You can purchase the sensors in a one, two, or three-sensor package. The sensors do not require any wires to install and are easily installed onto existing license plates.

The Type S unit is equipped with two ultrasonic sensors to detect the proximity and location of nearby obstacles. It also includes a small solar cell that keeps the unit charged while you drive.

Each Type S parking sensor comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Drivers can easily drive stress free with the Type S safety guarantee.

Benefits of Installing a Type S

The benefits of installing a Type S parking sensor system to your vehicle are easy to see. Multiple sensors can be linked to a single device. This means that driving safety is not only enhanced while backing up. Drivers can also add a second sensor to the front of the vehicle to further enhance driving safety. With two sensors installed, drivers can identify obstacles in front of and behind vehicles. This provides nearly 360 degrees of obstacle protection. With the Type S parking sensor system, drivers can breathe easy knowing that Type S is keeping an eye out for you. Whether you are backing into a tight parking spot or you were parked in between two cars on the street, Type S helps you drive safely.

Drawbacks? What Drawbacks?

The benefits of the Type S aftermarket parking sensor system are virtually limitless. But are there any downsides to installing the Type S parking sensor to a vehicle?

One minor drawback might be that drivers in extreme climates might lose functionality. In some extreme climates, such as sub-arctic Alaska or arid Death Valley California, the temperatures may exceed the recommended operating range. While Type S systems have been shown to function in temperatures below 14ºF  and above 122ºF, the performance cannot be guaranteed by Type S. For drivers that live in climates that experience these extreme temperatures regularly, Type S might not be the best safety solution.

Type S Parking Sensors – an Easy Decision

So next time you get in your car and hit the road, think about your safety.

Why would you avoid an opportunity to enhance your driving safety?

Ordering a Type S parking sensor system is an easy decision. With low up-front cost, easy installation, and hands-free interaction, Type S is the perfect addition to any vehicle. Invest in your safety and your financial security today with a Type S aftermarket parking sensor system.

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