TVNowPro Antenna Review 2017

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Watching TV is becoming more and more expensive as days go by. Now, users find themselves paying for streaming services as well as the ever-rising cable and satellite subscription fees. For those of you who would rather save up on your cable bills, you will be happy to know that there is a much cheaper solution out there. This solution comes in the form of indoor antennas.

You might have the perception that antennas are a thing of the past. However, they are still quite popular and have since been upgraded to keep up with the pace of modern TV. One option is TVNowPro. We reviewed it to see what the hype was all about and were pleasantly surprised.

What Is TVNowPro?

Before we delve into what features TVNowPro has, all those of you who are not familiar with antenna technology might be confused about how it works.

TVNowPro is an indoor antenna. Unlike the old days, this antenna comes in the shape of a box, so you don’t have to worry about big old-fashioned needle-like devices on top of your TV. Instead, you can expect a rectangular box which you can either attach to the wall behind your TV or place it near it.

The antenna works by connecting you to broadcast towers nearby, thereby providing users with an unlimited supply of free TV. Once you invest in TVNowPro, you won’t have to worry about monthly bills as channels will be provided to you for free.

Features of TVNowPro

TVNowPro is equipped with the following features.

Light and Durable Device

We found this to be one of the best features of the product. After all, in today’s age, no one wishes to have a bulky and old-fashioned device accompanying their modern and tech-savvy TV set.

The antenna device is extremely lightweight which allows it to be mounted on the wall as well as stored under the cabinets or picture frame. TVNowPro also comes with a stand, which allows you to effectively place the device without compromising on movability.

While the compact design saves space, the durable construction ensures that it lasts for a long time. TVNowPro claims that the device is made through the use of military technology. While we can’t authenticate the claim, it is true that the product features a robust construction.

Compatibility with 1080p HDTV

TVNowPro can be used effectively with most of your TV sets. We now live in a world where most of us are equipped with HDTV, and this product understands this. Thus, the manufacturers of this product have delivered a device that supports 1080p HDTV.

You don’t have to worry about investing in a product only to discover that it is not compatible with your TV. If your set is 1080p HDTV or less, the antenna will work seamlessly on it.

30-Mile Range

The quality of an antenna depends on its range. The higher the range, the better its chances that it will be able to capture the required signals from the broadcast towers. TVNowPro offers a broad range of 30 miles.

This feature makes sure that you are able to get as many channels as possible. This benefit is further ensured by the multidirectional nature of the reception. Also, the product comes with an amplifier that can be used to boost the range to up to 50 miles.

Ease of Assembly and Use

When it comes to providing users with convenience and comfort, this device does not hold back. It is easy to set up and use.

Generally, when you imagine antennas, you think about a long and tiresome task of getting it just right every time you wish to watch TV. However, in the case of TVNowPro, all you are required to do is plug in the antenna to your TV through a cable, and the setup process is done!

Using the antenna is very easy as well. You only need to search up channels on the menu, which will be displayed quite swiftly. It almost feels like you have the convenience of a cable TV without having to bear its cost.

What Is the Cost of TVNowPro?

The actual cost of TVNowPro depends on at what point you buy the product from its official site. The company gives quite a lot of discounts. Hence, the price you will pay depends on whether there are any offers available at the time of your purchase.

Without any discount, the approximate cost of the product (which may vary) is as follows:

  • 1 TVNowPro antenna for $47.65
  • 2 TVNowPro antennas for $109.98
  • 3 TVNowPro antennas for $164.98
  • 4 TVNowPro antennas for $219.96

With our special link you can pick it up for $35 though

Why Should You Get TVNowPro?

Here are some of the benefits that make investing in TVNowPro worth it:

  • It eliminates cable costs and allows you to watch channels for free.
  • The device itself is built to last, so it is a long-term investment.
  • TVNowPro offers various discounts which make the already cost-effective solution even more affordable.
  • The reception and range provided by the product are exceptional.
  • The black-colored device goes well with most TV models, thereby ensuring that your TV lounge décor is not undermined.
  • Extended and lifetime warranties are available.
  • The product is easy to install and use, thereby being a source of convenience for the masses.

What’s the Catch?

The only flaw apparent to us during our review was one which is present in all antennas. While TVNowPro allows you to watch a wide variety of channels, it does not deliver you all of the channels. If you are a fan of premium channels like HBO, you will be disappointed to know that you won’t be able to get reception for it using TVNowPro.

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  1. Neil Greenhalgh says:

    Does this product work in the UK?

    1. The Cable Cutter Guy says:

      Yes especially in the more popular areas just do a search on Google for “OTA Channels in ” or “Local channels in ” to find out how many and which are available to you. Here are some Wikis for some general info depending location England, Northern Ireland, Wales, or Scotland the countries are linked to each respective wikipedia page. Check to make sure which channels are available for you and keep in mind that Skywire has a 30 mile range(50 with booster) so more rural areas may get fewer channels due to how distance to local broadcasts

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