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If you're tired of the ads and poor picture quality of YouTube TV, there are several good alternatives. Hulu Live TV and Sling TV are both relatively new options, and both offer a similar experience. Both offer more than 60 channels, plus the added bonus of Hulu subscription, which allows you to watch tons of on-demand content. While Hulu is not as popular as YouTube TV, it is an excellent alternative for streaming live television.

Sling TV

Sling TV and YouTube TV are similar streaming services. Both have on-demand content and cloud DVR options. Both have a range of popular cable channels. Streaming options for both include dedicated apps and internet connection. In addition to their selection of live TV channels, both services offer on-demand movies and television shows. For a complete comparison of the two streaming services, here are a few things to consider. YouTube TV: YouTube TV has a range of over eighty channels, while Sling TV offers 32 and 43 channels. While Sling TV offers more customization options, YouTube TV is available for free.

Sling TV is the cheapest way to get live sports and NFL Network, and it allows users to fine-tune the number of channels they want to watch. The a la carte structure of Sling TV allows for fine-tuning of channels, making it ideal for casual sports fans. However, the cost of Sling TV's channels can add up quickly. For this reason, YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV are good alternatives.

YouTube TV alternatives include Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Sling offers a free three-day trial for a price of $10 per month. For a limited amount of content, Sling offers two separate packages, the Orange and Blue, which include an assortment of channels. However, Orange offers more than 50 channels, while Blue provides fewer channels. Sling is also available on FireStick and Amazon's Echo devices, which are both expensive.

As for NBC, Sling TV subscribers may want to consider an alternative to the streaming service. Hulu offers 75 live TV channels and an add-on for ESPN. Additionally, Sling TV has some live sports, but YouTube TV can't claim to have all of them. In addition to Hulu, other YouTube TV alternatives include Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, and LiveTV. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and the service is still in the process of negotiating the terms of the deal.

Another alternative to Sling TV is AirTV 2, which is available for free. Sling TV has the advantage of offering access to more than fifty channels, but it costs more than the latter. Despite its limited local television selection, Sling TV is the cheapest and most versatile streaming option on the market. However, it does have a more limited lineup of local channels than YouTube TV. Sling TV's add-on packages cost between $6 and $25 a month.

Hulu + Live TV

While Hulu's on-demand service costs $6 a month, it's the live TV service that sets it apart. The combination of live TV and on-demand content allows you to watch a huge catalog of network shows on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Its intuitive interface encourages discovery, and its cloud DVR makes it easy to record your favorite shows. While Hulu doesn't support multiscreen streaming, it does have plenty of on-demand shows, which means that your favorite TV shows won't be interrupted by ads.

The main difference between Hulu and YouTube is the interface. Hulu offers a better mobile and desktop experience than YouTube, but it isn't nearly as aesthetically pleasing. Hulu recently revamped its interface to make it easier to use. It's also more colorful, which makes the experience more enjoyable. In the end, though, Hulu has the edge in this category.

If you don't mind ads, Hulu is a great alternative. The service offers the same on-demand and live TV content as YouTube, including movies and sports channels. In addition to popular cable networks like CNN, Hulu also has original shows, including Star Trek: The Next Generation. Hulu's channel lineup also has more than a thousand titles. It's worth a try if you're a fan of TV.

YouTube TV offers more live TV channels and unlimited DVR storage. Hulu is slightly better at sports, but it requires additional space to watch recordings. Compared to YouTube, Hulu offers more sports channels, including ESPN+. Hulu has an extensive catalog of on-demand shows, but it lacks PBS. Hulu also has a bigger catalog of shows, and a free cloud DVR feature.

Hulu + Live TV is the better choice for people who don't want to pay for cable. The basic version of Hulu includes 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, and you can also pay an extra $10 for more storage. You can also fast-forward through commercials on recorded shows. You can even record unlimited live TV using Hulu + Live TV's cloud DVR. It's worth paying a few extra dollars to get the best of both worlds.


The best Vidgo YouTubetv alternatives are based on content rather than price. The service is more affordable than the average cable bundle and undercuts YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV on price. The main drawbacks of Vidgo are its crude applications and lack of a DVR, which is available only on the $80/month tier. Considering the low price of $55 per month, however, Vidgo is a viable alternative to YouTube.

The user experience is similar to that of traditional TV, with helpful channel guides. Likewise, you can filter content based on your favorite channels and shows. Recent titles will also be listed in the filtered feed. While some cable-alternatives allow for multiple profiles, Vidgo does not. You will have to share a single account with others. This may not be ideal for everyone, but it is still a viable option for people who want a high-quality streaming experience.

While YouTube TV is free to sign up, there are many alternatives to this service. For one thing, it's part of the Google ecosystem. It has similar channel listings, but it doesn't charge the same. Hulu also has an on-demand library and comes with the Disney Bundle, so it's part of the Disney ecosystem. Despite the low price, Hulu doesn't offer live content, although it does offer unlimited recording.

There are many differences between the two services, but both are worthy of consideration. YouTube TV has more live channels than Vidgo, but you'll find fewer premium channels. However, Vidgo also offers more popular networks and sports channels. The service also includes an extensive DVR and on-demand library. However, the lack of ad-supported channels makes it less appealing. So, while Vidgo and YouTube TV are great alternatives to cable, it's important to choose a streaming service that meets your needs.


For those who want to stream television content on multiple devices, fuboTV is a good option. This service offers multiple streams to suit different viewing habits and preferences. In addition to this, fuboTV supports multiple streams on supported platforms and TV devices. You can watch as many streams as you want, as long as your Internet connection is fast enough. Despite its basic interface, fuboTV is a good alternative to YouTube TV.

Both fuboTV and YouTube TV offer over two hundred and twenty channels. The basic package comes with 107 channels, while the advanced package offers 177. YouTube TV and fuboTV offer unlimited DVR cloud storage, but fuboTV offers more than double the number of channels. It's better for those with strong signals or those who want a wide variety of entertainment channels. Although both services offer similar features, the main difference between fuboTV and YouTube TV is the visual quality.

Both services offer similar features, such as a no-contract policy. Both services allow up to six simultaneous streams. In addition, both provide easy cancellation and have a great interface. Regardless of the provider you choose, consider your viewing habits and needs before you decide which service is right for you. With so many streaming options available, choosing the right one is not that difficult. And the two options are nearly identical. Just keep in mind that each one has its own benefits, so make sure you take the time to learn about each of them.

Both services are good for watching major sports channels, but Fubo has a much larger selection than YouTube. Fubo offers 4K TV, which is four times the resolution of HD. YouTube TV does not yet offer this option, though. If you're a soccer fan, Fubo is a better option. However, the service is more expensive, and its DVR usage is limited to two hundred and fifty hours per month.

Despite its price, fuboTV offers decent value for money. If you're not a sports fan, fuboTV will offer you enough channels and on-demand content to make it worth your while. However, if you want to watch a lot of movies and TV series, Hulu and YouTube TV may be better options for you. So, consider these alternatives for streaming video. Enjoy!

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