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Many people in the developed world may think there’s no TV without cable. That is, of course, until they try cutting the cord and doing without.

You may have been used to a widescreen TV and unlimited cable access at your parents’ house. However, when you move out and try to make it on your own, you may simply not have the cash to blow on an expensive cable subscription each month. Some families may also want to take the cable out of their monthly expenses in order to make ends meet or to control their kids’ viewing habits.

However, don’t think that you can’t watch television at all unless you have some sort of cable box or satellite. There are many ways to watch television without these things that it’s almost ridiculous!

Confused about how to use these alternatives or even about what they are? We’ll fill in the blanks for you.

Watching Preferences

You may just plop into your armchair or couch and start flipping through the channels, complaining that there's nothing good on TV. However, what do you actually need your cable for here? Is there a show you anxiously wait for every day? Maybe you like to binge-watch series that already have several episodes waiting to be savored or just want to stay updated on the latest episodes as they come.

Your viewing preferences would help you decide which cable alternative you should have. You can choose the method that gives you the ability to skip commercials, fast-forward boring scenes, or record new episodes until you have the time to watch them.

Hence, it’s recommended that you don’t opt for the first alternative to television that you see. It may be what your roommate or neighbor was looking for but may not be suitable for your needs. We’ll now touch upon some of the best ways to watch TV without cable and get you started on your cable-free viewing journey!


Do away with cable boxes and get a relatively inexpensive subscription to a service like Netflix or Hulu. These would give you rapid, uninterrupted, and consistent episodes of your favorite shows or series as they’re updated. Plus, they may even have a few shows of their own that can keep you glued to your seat the entire night.

Streaming services like these are also a great choice if you’re into nostalgia and like looking up classic films, documentaries, shows, etc. Netflix especially has a huge variety of such oldies which can keep you (or your grandmother) perfectly content without regular cable.

Live TV Plus Purchasing Episodes

Enter the twenty-first century for good by having access to live TV with options like YouTube TV, HBO TV, and the like. You may have to pay a subscription fee for this, but your viewing experience would be tailored to perfection.

If you own a smart TV, you can also use it to purchase digital copies of old episodes from iTunes or the Amazon Store. If you combine this option with live TV streaming, you can view anything you want on your TV. With everything in one place, you can switch between nostalgia and modern episodes without even getting up!

This option, especially the combination, is best for those who want to see their current shows right when they air and may also be interested in certain recordings or old shows.

Changing Channels

Some people just want the soothing experience of changing channels or just having the TV on for background noise. This may not be the healthiest of habits, but it may be something that people living alone simply need to have in their lives.

Live streamed television like Sling TV is the best option in such cases. This is a multi-channel way of having TV without cable, allowing one to flip through numerous popular channels just like with regular cable. Of course, the subscription is way less than what cable is currently costing you.

The benefit of live TV streaming is also great for letting you have the background noise you want. For instance, you may want to pretend you’re back in the 80s while vacuuming your apartment. You may be able to get a channel especially tailored toward old sitcoms and even commercials for the best TV experience ever.

Capturing the Airwaves

The simplest and most basic answer to watching TV without a cable description is an antenna. However, don't be fooled; antennas today are nothing like the crazily difficult contraptions we had back in the day.

The best antenna is an indoor one. This way, your gadget would remain free from harm from outside elements. However, this would only work if you’re already in a major city with several broadcasting signals coming from a single direction.

All you need to do is plug in that contraption and settle it somewhere above your TV. The cost of the antennae may then be the only investment you’d have to make in order to watch television in peace. The closer you are to the actual broadcast towers, the better.

In rural areas, you may have to invest in and install an outdoor antenna that’s strong enough to capture signals coming in from all around. This may be a bit of a project, but there’s no need to get scared. When you have all the benefits of cutting the cord, you have to learn a few tricks to get your TV fixed.


When you get rid of the cable boxes in your life, you may feel a lot more freedom than before. Your budget could become more flexible by around a thousand dollars each year, for starters. Plus, you’d have the option to make your viewing experience trimmed just the way you like it.

While going completely without television may be the goal for many families who cut the cord, it may not always be possible. Still, that doesn’t mean we keep forking over cash for channels we have no use for. Invest in these alternative methods today and start experiencing the difference!

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